Small Boats

Boston Whaler at work in Bodega Bay

SF State Scientific Boating Program

The SF State Scientific Boating Program provides University students, faculty and staff safe access to a fleet of small boats maintained for use in academic research and education.

Small boats are managed at the SF State field campus in Tiburon, California. There are five boats in the fleet, ranging from 11-22 feet in length. Information on the capabilities and capacities of each boat can be found on the fleet page.

Scientific Boat Operators

SF State currently has over 25 students, faculty and staff who are authorized to operate the small boat fleet to facilitate their academic and research pursuits. 

To operate SF State scientific watercraft, you must be a current University student, staff or faculty. Boat operators must complete the boating forms, attend a Motorboat Operators Training Course, have current cardiopulmonary resuscitation and first aid certification and schedule a boat checkout with the SF State Marine Superintendent. For more information on becoming a scientific boat operator, please see our Training page and  contact the SF State Marine Superintendent.

SF State Ship Operations Committee

The SF State Scientific Boating Program is administered by the SF State Ship Operations Committee (SOC) which oversees the vessel schedule for the R/V Questuary, administrates small boat use and sets priorities for Marine Operations. The SOC meets 2-3 times per year and students and faculty are encouraged to participate. Please contact the SF State Marine Superintendent for upcoming SOC meetings.

SF State Ship Operations Committee Members

Richard Dugdale Chair
Kathy Boyer Member
Wim Kimmerer Member
Karina Nielsen Ex Officio
David Bell Marine Superintendent
David Morgan Captain, R/V Questuary