R/V Questuary

The R/V Questuary is an ideal work platform for conducting research and education on San Francisco Bay. The vessel is equipped with a dry, heated cabin with seating for six crew and has a large work bench for placement of computers and scientific instruments.

The vessel has a private head, small galley and food refrigerator and other necessities for making underway time on the Bay comfortable and safe. The vessel afterdeck is open and large with a freeboard drop of three feet, permitting easy deployment of oceanographic sampling equipment.

The vessel has two hydraulic winches which permits a lot of flexibility in what can be placed overboard. A Markey COM-4 Oceanographic winch with 300 feet of 0.322 inch wire services a SeaBird SBE-32 sampling rosette. A Pullmaster winch with 200 feet of 0.25 inch wire is used for heavy loads and can safely lift 2,200 pounds.

For more information on specifications please contact the SF State Scientific Boating & Diving program staff


Vessel Name: R/V Questuary
Owner/Operator: Estuary & Ocean Science Center, San Francisco State University
3150 Paradise Drive, Tiburon CA 94920
Office: 415-435-7123, Cell: 415-328-9718
Coast Guard Classification: Uninspected Oceanographic Research Vessel
USCG Certificate of Documentation #917897
Marine Insurance: Agilent Insurance Services
100 Pine Street, 11th Floor
San Francisco CA  94111
Year of Construction: 1975
Length: 37.8'
Beam: 12'
Draft: 3.7'
Displacement: 10 tons.
Cruising Speed: 18 knots.
Main Engines: Twin Cummins diesel 300 horse power each.
Electrical Power: True sine wave inverter, 120 volts.
Fuel Capacity: 270 Gallons.
Approximate Range: 200 Nautical miles at 16 knots.
Capacity: Research: 7 Crew plus Captain and Marine Technician; Education: up to 14 crew for short trips.
Endurance: Two days maximum. Please contact us for more information on overnight trips.

Lifting and Winching Equipment

Hydraulic Winch: Markey COM-4 Hydraulic Research Winch.
U-frame: Heavy-duty stern-mounted U-frame operates through an arc four feet aft of the stern with a lifting capacity of 3,000 pounds.
Davit: Starboard-mounted aluminum tube davit capable of lifting 200 pounds.

Electronic and Navigation Equipment

Navigation: Nobletec electronic charting system.
Radar: Furuno 48 nautical mile radar.
GPS: Northstar differential GPS with three meter accuracy.
Autopilot: Comnav autopilot.

Scientific Equipment

CTD Rosette: Sea-Bird Electronics SBE19 CTD and SBE32 carousel
Underway Data Acquisition System: Sea-Bird Electronics SBE45 measuring and recording real-time underway temperature and salinity at one meter below the surface.
YSI 6600 Sonde measuring and recording real-time underway temperature, salinity, oxygen saturation, pH, chlorophyll and turbidity.
Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP): Boom-mounted Teledyne Workhorse Monitor 600 Khz ADCP.
Water Sampling: Remote messenger Niskin bottle and peristaltic pump sampling equipment available.
Seabed Sampling: Ponar grab, Van Veen grab and one meter push cores available.