Science Equipment

Science equipment on the R/V Questuary

The R/V Questuary has an assortment of science equipment available for use by research scientists. Please contact us prior to your cruise to arrange for use of equipment.


SeaBird Electronics SBE32 Carousel Water Sampler and SBE19+ Conductivity, Temperature, Depth Profiler (CTD)

The SBE32 carousel water sampler is capable of collecting up to six discrete, 2.5 liter water samples at a depth up to 100 meters from the U-frame of the R/V Questuary. Sample bottles can be fired remotely and water column profile data collected in situ using the SBE19. The pumped CTD is outfitted with the following sensors:

  • Conductivity Sensor (SBE 19 S/N 2662)
  • Temperature (SBE 19 S/N 2662)
  • Pressure (SBE 19 S/N 2662)
  • LI-193 Underwater Spherical Quantum Sensor (Li-Cor Spherical Sensor S/N SPQA 2249)
  • WETStar Fluorometer (WetStar Chloprophyll S/N Ws3S-410P)
  • D&A Instruments Optical Backscatter (Model OBS-3, S/N 937)

This instrument requires a qualified SF State Marine Technician to operate.


SeaBird Electronics SEB19 CTD

The SeaBird Electronics SBE19 is a non-pumped CTD capable of measuring and recording conductivity, temperature and depth only. It can be used by University faculty, students and staff.


Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP)

Acoustic Doppler Current ProfilerThe Teledyne Workhorse Monitor ADCP is a direct reading acoustic doppler current profiler that is bottom mounted to a boom on the port side of the Questuary. It's 600 Khz signal has a maximum depth measurement of 200 meters though precision is limited to 80 meters. The vessel has software for measuring current direction, velocity and total current flow across a transect area and is coupled with the vessels position data.


More information on the ADCP can be found on the Teledyne web site, or download the Specifications Sheet for the Workhorse Monitor (PDF).