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Questuary II Concept

"Questuary II" $2M

A modern, thoughtful and efficient research vessel designed to engage the next generation of Bay Area researchers and educators.

Based on the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary Research Vessel Auk, the Questuary II is designed for efficiency in sampling rough, shallow inshore waters of SF Bay and Delta and could accommodate a scientific crew of eight or more persons for 1-4 days duration. Major characteristics include:

  • Length 52 feet, beam 19 feet, draft 4 feet, wide, stable hull accommodates a variety of science payloads;
  • Capable of operating in shallow, rough inshore water or fair weather coastal routes;
  • Catamaran lifting hydrofoil, very fuel efficient, reduced roll and noise dampened;
  • Twin turbo-diesel engines, AC power generator;
  • Hydraulic A-frame with conducting wire oceanographic winch;
  • Underway data and water sampling system permits continuous collection;
  • Cabin with dedicated wet and dry science laboratory.


Seagrass Sentinel

"Seagrass Sentinel" $200,000

A purpose built small boat capable of safely operating in rough, shallow water, to be used in eelgrass restoration, monitoring and estuary sampling in SF Bay and the Delta. Aluminum catamaran hull design with efficient outboard engines, the 24 foot Seagrass Sentinel is designed with a lifting bow door which permits crew to safely transfer to shallow water sampling sites. The Seagrass Sentinel also serves at the SF State dive support vessel and can accommodate up to six divers and can be towed to remote locations.


RTC Instrumentation

"Instrumentation 2.0" $200,000

The research instrumentation and oceanographic equipment aboard the R/V Questuary is over two decades old. Many advances in oceanographic instrumentation have been made and its is imperative that for SF State to conduct world class science, one must use world class tools. The updated tool set includes:

  • SeaBird SBE 32C Sampling Rosette with Deck Unit;
  • Teledyne Acoustic Current Doppler Profiler;
  • SeaBird SBE 45 underway Salinometer;
  • WetLabs WetStar Underway Fluorometer;
  • BBE FluoroProbe Underway Chlorophyll Sensor;
  • Starfish 450H Hull Mounted Sidescan Sonar;
  • Video Ray portable ROV;
  • WAAS GPS system with recording computers;
  • Meterological Station.


Questuary Live

"Questuary Live" $100,000

What if the scientific crew of the R/V Questuary could connect to people in real-time, anywhere in San Francisco Bay? The concept of Questuary Live is to outfit the vessel with state of the art scientific sampling equipment and provide real-time broad band Internet access to stream data, video and audio back to any computer with a network connection. Based on the Jason Project started in 1989 by Robert Ballard, Questuary Live connects the researchers of SF State to the public community and permits the community to interact with the data and organisms being collected by the participants and crew aboard the vessel. The goal is to have a two-way interactive presentation whereby participants on land or on the vessel can exchange questions and ideas in real time.


"Safety Training Trailer" $50,000

SF State conducts hands-on motorboat operation safety for students and faculty several times each year, often in remote locations. The Training Trailer is a self contained trailer outfitted with all the equipment and resources needed to conduct motorboat safety training at any remote facility.