Current Scientific Divers

Current SFSU Divers

How To Keep Active Status As A Scientific Diver

Log at least 12 scientific and/or recreational training dives in a 12 month period and stay current on your CPR/first aid/oxygen provider (two years) . Dive activity must be logged online using WebDiver. If you do not do at least 12 dives in a year or do not log your dives on WebDiver, you will be placed on non-active scientific diver status. To get back on active status, you will need to have your equipment inspected, have a current medical evaluation, be current on your CPR/first aid/oxygen provider and do a basic open water checkout dive. After five years on non-active status, your records and all dive activity logs are removed from our system. 

How To Keep Or Increase Your Depth Certification

All scientific divers in-training start with a depth certification of 30 feet sea water (FSW) and all dives must be at or under this depth. To progress beyond the 30 FSW depth certification, perform at least four dives at the next depth certification level in a six month period. For more information on depth certification and how to increase depth certification, please see the Dive Forms page and read the SFSU Standards for Scientific Diving.

Dive Medical Evaluations

A diving medical evaluation and medical history are required within the preceding 5 years (3 years if over the age of 40, 2 years if over the age of 60) from the last diving medical evaluation. Following any major injury, illness or hospitalization, a medical clearance to return to diving must be obtained from your physician. For more information, see the Dive Forms page and download the scientific diving medical forms.

DAN DEMP CourseCPR, First-Aid & Oxygen Provider Training

All SFSU scientific divers must have a current (two years) CPR, first aid and oxygen provider certification from a nationally recognized agency. SFSU periodically provides the Divers Alert Network Dive Emergency Management Provider (DEMP) training at no charge, please contact the SFSU Diving Safety Officer for more information.

Equipment Inspection

All life-support equipment shall be regularly examined by the diver. Regulators (1st & 2nd Stage), alternate air sources, hoses, gages, computers, drysuits, and BCs are to be professionally inspected and tested at 12 month intervals and overhauled if required. SCUBA cylinders must be hydro statically tested in accordance with DOT standards, and a visual inspection performed annually. An equipment inspection form  (PDF) should be completed by a certified repair technician and submitted to the SFSU Diving Safety Officer annually.