About The R/V Questuary

Research Vessel Questuary in San Francisco Bay


The R/V Questuary serves the needs of Estuary & Ocean Science Center researchers, educators, and affiliates in the San Francisco Bay and Delta region. The vessel is a 38 foot aluminum monohull built in 1975 and acquired by San Francisco State University in 1991.

Deploying an instrument on the R/V Questuary

The R/V Questuary has a long tradition of providing assistance to scientists, students and educators. The R/V Questuary has been equipped with an A-frame and dual hydraulic winching capabilities for oceanographic instruments and equipment.


The R/V Questuary can transit water as little as three feet deep and is capable of hydrographic sampling, instrument towing, surface and bottom trawling, sediment coring, geophysical surveying and scientific dive support.


The R/V Questuary is equipped with a SeaBird SBE-19 conductivity, temperature and depth profiler, SeaBird SBE-45 thermosalinograph, SCUFA fluorometer and an underway data acquisition system that records water parameters. All instruments and equipment are available to the research scientists aboard the vessel.