New Policies For SFSU Marine Ops

Wednesday, October 19, 2016 - 12:50
Sampling on Questuary

New Float Plan Forms and Policy

SFSU Marine Ops updated our float plan forms you can download the form here. Please note, the second copy of the float plan must be given to cognizant person on land that knows of your field work and estimated time of return. Also note that your must put the phone numbers of at least two persons in your crew and complete the weather forecast information on the form.


New Policy for Trailering on RTC Campus

Effective immediately, no passengers or crew should be on a moving small boat during trailering operations on RTC campus. With the exception of boat ramp operations, all crew must be safely off the boat/trailer while it is being towed on property. We encourage you to have your crew act as a lookout when trailering boats at RTC.