2017 Boating/Diving Training Dates

Wednesday, November 30, 2016 - 12:39
MOTC Training
  • February 21-23 - Winter Motorboat Operators Training Course at RTC (6 seats available)
  • March 6 - Dive Emergency Management Provider Course
  • March 23-26 - Dive Training/Goby Sampling in Catalina (Departing from Long Beach on Boston Whaler, overnight at WIES)
  • April 6-7 - Dive Training in Monterey or April 8-9 Santa Barbara Island (Truth, $365, 9 dives)
  • May 11-12 - Dive Training in Monterey
  • May 27-28 San Miguel & Santa Rosa Island (Truth, $365, 9 dives)
  • June 5 - Dive Emergency Management Provider Course
  • Auugust 15-17 - Fall Motorboat Operators Training Course at RTC (6 seats available, rescheduled from July 18-20 due to field work)
  • September 11 - Dive Emergency Management Provider Course
  • October 26-27 - Dive Training in Monterey
  • November 11-12 - San Nicholas Island (Truth, $365, 9 dives)

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Boating In Monterey

About The MOTC

The Motorboat Operators Training Course is a three day, hands on learning environment covering all aspects of safe powerboat operation and is required for all SFSU students that desire to conduct research using university watercraft. Presently, there is no fee for the course.

About Training Dives in Monterey

Training dives and/or research dives are offered to all university students and faculty who are at least Scientific Divers in Training. Usually, these dives are conducted off our 19' Boston Whaler, tanks are provided and you bring your own dive gear and figure your own lodging if necessary.

About Dives On The Truth

These dives usually originate from Santa Barbara, boarding time on the Truth is usually after 8 PM, departure is usually at midnight with 5-6 hour transit to the dive sites. Price (payable to Truth Aquatics) includes air for up to 9 dives (nitrox is available for extra fee), plenty of home cooked food and single bunk for sleeping. This is a great way to explore remote dive sites that are not reachable by our University boats and is a very cost effective way to do a lot of diving. If there is enough interest, we will arrange a carpool in one of the university vehicles. More information here.